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air games

air games

the world of air sports activities is enormous, starting from Drone Racing in sports activities halls to racing Gliders via wide open skies. something pilots fly, to compete at the highest degree takes ability, ambition, training and years of committed exercise. In Poland, the arena games will feature three marvelous air sports on the way to bring mind-blowing motion to the heart of the opposition.
Glider Aerobatics is a check of a glider pilot’s capacity to perform surprising aerobatic manoeuvres in the limitations of opposition. Silent and swish, the pilots aim to affect the judges with their precision and talent as they execute a pre-deliberate ordinary in a 1,000m aerial ‘box’ within the sky. Pilots ought to manipulate the glider’s velocity, electricity and role all while understanding precisely which way is up. workouts typically ultimate 3 mins and could see pilots pull as much as 6G in the course of the toughest manoeuvres.
Parachuting canopy Piloting is one of the maximum wonderful disciplines in air sports activities. rather new, the idea is to test a parachutist’s capability to manipulate their canopy appropriately at high pace. After leaping out of the aircraft competitors spiral down towards the performance sector, a protracted stretch of water referred to as a ‘swooping pond’. There, as they pass via the route across the swooping pond, they’re scored on speed, accuracy and distance. in the Freestyle spherical scores are given for technical issue, presentation and landing. Stand by to be surprised.
Paramotoring (additionally referred to as powered paragliding) is one of the most reachable sorts of flight there is. Flying a paraglider and the usage of a again-established engine, pilots launch with a quick run from the ground to get into the air. In Poland pilots will compete over a sequence of five tasks that measure precision flying talents – from Accuracy touchdown to Paramotor football. Spectators searching out movement must look ahead to pilots foot-dragging inside the water and flying slalom. clear prop, and start your engines!

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