Bagdana Mandir

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Bagdana Mandir

Bagdana Mandir

The exceptionally popular of sanctuary in bagdana to bapa sitaram.Bapa’s family foundation starts from Rajsthan (Adhevada), and they were Ramanandi Sadhu. His mom’s name was Shiwar kuwarbai and father’s name was Hiradas. Bapasitaram was conceived on 1906 (no correct date) at Janjariaya Hanuman Mandir, in a town called Adhe Wada in Bhaunagar. During childbirth his folks names him Bhaktiram. It was known to all that Bapa was the entire incarnation Shesh Narayan. He thinks about until the second standard.Bapa first went to Nashik kumb mela in 1915 alongside his Guru Pujya Shri Sitaramdas Bapu (ashram was in Uttar Pradesh , Ayodhya). He played out his primary sadhna at Mandakini waterway at mountain Chitrakut which is by the fringe of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. He picked up yog sidh at 28 years old. His master exhorted him go without anyone else travel and named him Bajarangdas Bapa. Bapa urged individuals to call him Bapa Sitaram so individuals discuss the name of mother and father.

Bagdana Mandir

The witticism he can possibly imagine was simply to encourage individuals and to go to the God. He trusts that the God is a definitive power that coordinates the whole world.

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It is totally unadulterated Arashpahan stones, which are typically utilized for developing tremendous sanctuaries or mandir. The sanctuary has a gigantic passage entryway, which is secured with valuable glass on the correct side. On the left side, the ruler Shiva and Parvati stone icons are secured with valuable glass also.

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At whatever point you may wish to visit the sanctuary. There is no particular time.

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