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Best Places In France Honeymoon

Best Places In France Honeymoon

Best Places In France Honeymoon


Paris – The Epitome of Classic Romance

Best Places In France Honeymoon ,Paris where walking anywhere feels like a romantic stroll, you can splurge on a hotel and be treated like royalty, and intimate meals over candlelight are a dime a dozen. It’s also easy to navigate and very visitor-friendly, so you’ll feel like everything’s been taken care of for you. And if it’s your first time, you can spend a couple of days on some side trips from Paris to make it feel like two vacations in one. Ensure you know all the things to do in Paris on your romantic trip, but do explore its sites as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Luxembourg Gardens!

Best Places In France Honeymoon

Nice – For the Beach Honeymoon

Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, is beautifully curved round the Bay of Angels, desirable and as lively as you like. Its reputation for glamour is enhanced by an equal reputation for top-end scandal. The clearest-possible light spangles the Mediterranean to create a setting for sybarites, and shadows for well-dressed decadence. You could spend an entire trip just wandering along the Bay. But you’ll also need to see Nice Old Town, where the real Niois re-colonise their city, hosting the south’s finest flower market on the Cours Saleya. This is a glorious, and playful, slice of urban greensward. And it’s bewitching at pretty much any time of year.

Best Places In France Honeymoon

 Marseille – Blast of History and Culture

One of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe, Marseille can be reached in a 3-hour train ride from Paris. This enchanting port city brimming with history and multicultural urbanites is ideal for newlyweds to spend memorable time. A romantic stroll in the Parisian Boulevards is highly recommended for newlyweds. If you happen to be here by the end of June you can take part in two famous festivals of the city- La Fte Bleue (The Blue Festival) and La Fte du Panier. Watch the sunset at Vieux Port with your spouse or visit to the Notre Dame de la Garde which would be an experience that you’d like to add to your honeymoon album.

beautiful paris

Best Places In France Honeymoon

 Lyon – Romance in the Mountains

A gourmet slant is inevitable in a weekend itinerary in Lyon, with the healthy sprinkling of Michelin-starred restaurants and streets packed with the traditional Lyonnais bouchons, their red-and-white checked tabletops groaning with dishes of offal, Quenelles de brochet and unctuous St Marcellin cheeses. Old Lyon, a Unesco world heritage site, lies between the hills of Fourvire and Croix-Rousse, its narrow streets punctuated with characteristic passageways that were used by the silk merchants to transport their products years ago. Today, though, a new chapter is in the making, with Lyon gleaming from renovations and urban remodelling.

Best Places In France Honeymoon

 Bordeaux – Tchin-tchin Over Fine Wine

Visit Bordeaux to stroll the most graceful streets in France, eat well, drink better and then have the liveliest possible time in a city in touch with its Latin side. This remains the world HQ of wine and chteau-owning folk. But there’s also a cracking museum of modern art next door, tapas bars up the road and fusion food in the restaurants. And there are few more graceful urban sights in France than the miroir-d’eau reflecting the splendid Palais-de-la-Bourse. Welcome, in short, to the Bordeaux nouveau. It offers the ancient dignity but with added zest and fruitiness. For immediate drinking.

Best Places In France Honeymoon

 Corsica – French Island for Honeymoon

Corsica resembles a miniature continent, with astounding geographical diversity. Within half an hour, the landscape morphs from glittering bays, glitzy coastal cities and fabulous beaches to saw tooth peaks, breathtaking valleys, dense forests and enigmatic hilltop villages. Holidays in Corsica will therefore be incredibly varied: from hiking and canyoning to working your tan, enjoying a leisurely cruise, delving into the island’s rich history and sampling local specialties. Though Corsica has officially been part of France for more than 200 years, it feels different from the mainland in everything from customs and cuisine to language and character, and that’s part of its appeal. Locals love talking about their Corsican identity so plenty of engaging evenings await, especially if the holy trilogy of food, wine and melodious Corsican music are involved.

Best Places In France Honeymoon

 Loire Valley – For the Grandeur of Chateaus

If you love a road trip, then the Loire Valley is your honeymoon. Grab a rental car in Paris and head a bit south to visit historic Chteaux, gardens, vineyards, and basically live your fantasy life for a couple of weeks. Loire Valley is known as the birthplace of the French language we stumble through speaking today. The area is particularly popular with visitors who come to see the chteaux; more than 300 of them are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Once fortifications or royal residences, now few castles are open for the public. Some were turned into hotels, while others serve as homes. Even a drive through the valley offers incredible sights, especially in the fall.

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