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Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh

Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh

Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh


Settlement on twin offering space to MAPI. (NON A/C).

Suppers ( Plan Breakfast and Dinner) settled menu

Transport with Toll assess, stopping charges and driver remittance


GST Extra

Any suppers other than those predetermined in program.

Extra charges and Guide charges.

Extra touring or additional use of vehicle, other than specified in the agenda.

Any claim because of common cataclysm, restorative crises or clearing.

At the point when it’s tied in with boating nothing can be a superior choice than Rishikesh in the event that you are in India. With various Rishikesh boating bundles from Delhi individuals are running to this goal for some enterprise. In the event that you are a Delhite I am certain you will hurry to Rishikesh for that impeccable enterprise. Just couples of streams the world over have the persona of the Ganges, the living mother Goddess of India. Boating on its water is something which will be a lifetime encounter.

Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh

Get an opportunity to investigate and appreciate while you break the floods of the water. A pleasant marvel in the Himalayan scene, Rishikesh is immersed by green slopes on three sides with a peaceful Ganga advancing through it. Aside from all of this blessed city is viewed as consecrated, Rishikesh has demonstrated itself as a radiant spot for whitewater boating. A paramount boating background here is certain to transport you into a universe of happiness.

Boating in Rishikesh is tied in with vanquishing the savagely moving rapids not implied for the frail hearted. This unassuming blessed city has procured the befitting title of India’s waterway boating capital in view of its novel course finished the Ganges waters. Probably the most conspicuous rapids you will undoubtedly cross are the Three Blind Mice, Crossfire, Return to Sender, Roller Coaster and Golf Course.

Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh

There are likewise extra recreational and audacious exercises you can enjoy, for example, body surfing, bluff hopping, kayaking, shoreline volleyball, or a basic climb toward the evening post your boating session.

Nights involve a comfortable blaze, an appetizing grill supper and an open to outdoors understanding under the star-lit sky. Take off for this astonishing enterprise to this goal and pump up your adrenaline while you attempt this invigorating action.

Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh

Here are some Rishikesh boating bundles from Delhi:

01 Rafting, Camping and Hiking in Rishikesh

Boating, Camping and Hiking in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a residential area close to the sacred city of Haridwar, acclaimed for being a profound escape and a center point for experience sports like wilderness boating, bluff jumping, shake climbing and numerous other such heart-pumping exercises. In any case, the one thing that it is the most popular for is the wilderness boating on the rapids of the stream Ganga. Rishikesh is the nation’s best spot for boating, and on the off chance that you toss in the fervor of outdoors at one of the sandy shorelines in Rishikesh, at that point this outing turns into a top notch one.

This camp offers the solace of living in comfortable quarters with regular washrooms, a perspective of the slopes adjacent and undertakings to last you a lifetime. Appreciate the accommodation of every fundamental luxury at camp to make your stay in the tents agreeable.

Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh

Likewise part of the camp are the different indoor and open air exercises that you can appreciate, pair with the wilderness boating like body surfing, rope walk, nature climbing, and camp diversions (volleyball, football, cricket, badminton). What’s more, to make your stay much more great and paramount, a night blaze will be lit so you can lounge around in its glow and appreciate singing and narrating with your campmates. Supper will be under the shade of the billions of stars and will accompany the choice of both, Veg and Non-Veg.

About the action:

Appreciate a meet with the excite and appeal of Rishikesh.

Unite the celebration with captivating exercises like climbing, trekking, and other exciting diversions.

Burn through 2 days and 1 night in a wilderness camp and investigate the perfect magnificence of nature.

Energize your adrenaline while on experience journey other than the murmuring streams and thick woods.

Appreciate every one of the delights and shades of nature in their full wonders.

Registration – 11 AM

Best Rafting Package In Rishikesh

*Note-The action is additionally accessible in variations of 3D/2N and 4D/3N. For the schedule and estimating of the same, you can drop in a request and we will hit you up.

02 Camping and Rafting in Rishikesh

Join the fun and energy of outdoors in Rishikesh. Check in at 10 AM and look at 11 AM.

Appreciate outdoors in a wilderness camp while being encompassed by the immaculate nature.

Investigate the outside and get to know the mystical excellence of Uttarakhand.

Camp adjacent to the sputtering stream, in the midst of thick woodlands and enjoy a variety of energizing recreations and exercises.

Appreciate boating under the direction of master rafters, rest under the twilight sky and make your vacation great.

This is a multi day 1 night visit.

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