Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction

Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction

Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction

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The different vacation destinations in Bhavnagar are the Takhteshwar Temple, Gandhi Smriti and Barton exhibition hall, Victoria Park, Gaurishankar Lake and Takhat Singhji Hospital.

Takhteshwar Temple

The Takhteshwar Temple is a memorable sanctuary, situated on a little slope. This sanctuary gives great perspectives of the city and the Gulf of Cambay.

Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction

Gaurishankar Lake

Gaurishankar Lake is an extremely famous place for the night walk, outing and feathered creature viewing. Ducks, geese, pelicans, cranes and other swimming feathered creatures can be seen on the banks of this lake. On the banks of the lake, the Bhav Vilas Palace is found which is possessed by a relative of the family.

Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction

Barton Museum and Gandhi Smriti

Takhteshwar Temple, Bhavnagar

Gandhi Smriti and Barton historical center has a place with the 1895 AD. This gallery has a fine accumulation of cultivating devices, beadwork, wood carvings, religious carvings, weapons, melodic instruments, betel nut cutters, coins, stamps, figure, skeletons and different society expressions objects which speak to the way of life of the Saurashtra area. This remembrance likewise houses photos and a portion of the things identified with Mahatma Gandhi which helps to remember the Mahatma Gandhi as an understudy of Bhavnagar college. This exhibition hall additionally has a library that comprises of the books and photos of Mahatma Gandhi.

Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction

Barton Library

Barton Library is a wonderful two story building, fittingly intended for a street intersection. It has two wings and a focal pinnacle, developed in ashlar stone brick work, with Gothic curve windows and a slanting rooftop with Mangalore tiles. This library is one of the most seasoned libraries of Gujarat and furthermore houses a historical center.


Nilambagh Palace is a legacy inn in Bhavnagar. This royal residence was planned by a German modeler, as an imperial living arrangement for the recent Maharajas in 1859 AD which was later changed over into a legacy lodging. This castle is a glorious building that is set in the midst of colossal bequest of 10 sections of land. It consolidates components of Indian design with a cutting edge standpoint.

Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction


Gangajalia sanctuary is devoted to Ganga Devi. This sanctuary is worked in white marble situated amidst a previous tank. This sanctuary has a chhatri, structure and scaffold, worked of white marble. It was composed by Sir John Griffith, essential or Sir J School of Arts, Bombay.

Takhat Singhji Hospital

Takhat Singhji Hospital was composed in 1979-83 by Sir William Emmerson, the draftsman of Victoria Memorial and Crawford Market.

Bhavnagar Tourist Attraction

Victoria Park

Prior Victoria stop was the popular diversion hold. Different fascinating untamed life creatures and feathered creatures are as yet found in this stop. Pronghorn, jackal, blue bull, rabbit and hyena are the different creatures which are found in this place. The bogs in the recreation center likewise draws in numerous ducks and fowls.


Alang is arranged on the drift amongst Bhavnagar and Talaja. Alang is the India’s biggest ship breaking site, where supertankers, compartment boats, warships and different vessels are destroyed by hand by 20000 specialists day and night. An enormous ship takes around a few months to pull separated. In 2002, Greenspce went by the yard acting like purchasers, gathering material and photos to help its challenges against the risky conditions for specialists at the yard and the harmful waste delivered through ship breaking. Their activities have had some achievement. In February 2006, French President Jacques Chirac was compelled to

Alang, Ship Breaking yard

review an asbestos-loaded French ship to Europe. These challenges have made it more troublesome for outside sightseers to visit the yard, however specialists can be remiss. A couple of kilometers along the street moving toward the shipyard is a captivating inquisitive gathering of garbage shops auctioning things pulled off the boats.

Velavadar National Park

Velavadar National Park is extraordinary compared to other national stop in India to see the blackbuck. Velavadar National Park, otherwise called the Blackbuck National Park, was set up in the year 1976 in the Bhal locale of Saurashtra at Velavadar. This national stop is arranged around 72 kms from the Bhavnagar region of Gujarat. Prior, blackbucks and the Lesser Floricans were discovered just in the open fields all through the nation, however now they are discovered just in the Velavadar National Park. The Velavadar National Park likewise gives an appropriate living space to the jeopardized Indian wolf, Jackal, Indian fox, Jungle

Velavadar National Park, Bhavnagar

feline, Blue bull pronghorn, Wild pigs, Hares and Rodents. This stop likewise pulls in different transient fowls like the sandgrouse and warblers amid the winter. The period between October to mid-June is thought to be the best time to visit the recreation center.

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