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Delhi Agra Delhi One Day Tour

Golden triangle tour package

Delhi Agra Delhi One Day Tour

Delhi Agra Same Day Tour

Spots Covered – Delhi-Agra-Delhi

Term – 1 Day

Delhi Agra Same Day Tour MORNING

06:30 hours Leave for Agra via aerated and cooled auto or mentor on private exchange premise

Delhi-Agra separate by street surface is 200 kilometers; 4 hours drive

08:00 hours Breakfast at Country Inn, Kosi After having your breakfast you will again continue towards Agra

10:30 hours Visit SIKANDRA (only 12 kilometers before Agra)

Delhi Agra Delhi One Day Tour

Delhi Agra Delhi One Day Tour The tomb of Akbar, started by the Emperor himself later it was finished by his child, Jehangir. The ruler started to construct his own garden sepulcher amid his lifetime, a red sandstone landmark in a chahar-bagh or 4 square-formal greenery enclosures. A glorious marble-trimmed passage paves the way to the open, vaporous, four-layered structure, which is beaten by a white marble cenotaph and screen on the fifth-floor.


Delhi Agra Same Day Tour 13:00 hours Lunch at an eatery in Agra

14:30 hours Visit TAJ MAHAL-the landmark delineating the finest articulation of adoration for a head for his ruler

TAJ MAHAL-Described as the most lavish landmark at any point worked for affection, it was built by Mughal head Shah Jahan as a dedication to his ruler Mumtaz Mahal and was made out of white marble took 22 years to finish (1630-1652 AD). On full moon evenings, the wonderfulness of the Taj is taking care of business to witness.Delhi to Agra 1 Day Tour PackageĀ  Throughout the hundreds of years, the Taj has pulled in a bigger number of guests than maybe some other Monuments in the nation, and it is very simple fall back on regular superlatives while portraying it. What makes the Taj extraordinary is its ideal extents, unmistakable gentility, medium of development and ornamentation. Its marble outside reflects rose and brilliant tints at dawn and dusk, while it is stunning white amid the day and sparkles like a pearl in the moonlight and amid the rainstorm.

16:30 hours Departure to Delhi

17:00 hours Time for tea; you can stop at Country Inn, Kosi on the way

20:00 hours Arrive Delhi and the dropt at your coveted area inside Delhi Henceforth our administrations end

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