Diu To Somanath

Dwarka somnath diu tour package

Diu To Somanath

Diu To Somanath

Diu to Somnath remove, area, guide and bearing

Diu is situated in India at the longitude of 70.99 and scope of 20.71. Somnath is situated in India at the longitude of 70.4 and scope of 20.89 .

Driving Distance : 83 KM and 458 meters/51.9 miles.

Straight Line Distance : 64 KM and 0 meters/39.8 miles.

Travel time : 1 hours and 33 minutes.

Course and bearing : West side, 287 degree.

Separation amongst Diu and Somnath

The aggregate straight line remove amongst Diu and Somnath is 64 KM (kilometers) and 0 meters. The miles based separation from Diu to Somnath is 39.8 miles. This is a straight line separation thus more often than not the real travel remove amongst Diu and Somnath might be higher or fluctuate because of ebb and flow of the street .

The driving separation or the movement remove between Diu to Somnath is 83 KM and 458 meters. The mile based, street remove between these two travel point is 51.9 miles.

Time Difference amongst Diu and Somnath

The sun rise time contrast or the genuine time distinction amongst Diu and Somnath is 0 hours , 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Note: Diu and Somnath time computation depends on UTC time of the specific city. It might differ from nation standard time , neighborhood time and so on.

Diu To Somnath travel time

Diu is situated around 64 KM far from Somnath so in the event that you travel at the reliable speed of 50 KM for each hour you can achieve Somnath in 1 hours and 33 minutes. Your Somnath travel time may differ because of your transport speed, prepare speed or relying on the vehicle you utilize.

Diu to Somnath Bus

Transport timings from Diu to Somnath is around 1 hours and 33 minutes when your transport keeps up a normal speed of sixty kilometer for each hour through the span of your trip. The assessed fly out time from Diu to Somnath by transport may change or it will require more investment than the previously mentioned time because of the street condition and distinctive travel course. Travel time has been figured in light of crow fly separation so there may not be any street or transport availability moreover. Transport toll from Diu to Somnath might be around Rs.63.

Diu To Somanath

Dwarka to somanth

Halfway point between Diu To Somnath

Mid way point or midway place is an inside point amongst source and goal area. The mid path point amongst Diu and Somnath is arranged at the scope of 20.801613839321 and the longitude of 70.694499040769. On the off chance that you require refreshment you can stop around this halfway place, in the wake of checking the safety,feasibility, and so forth.

Diu To Somnath guide

Somnath is found almost West side to Diu. The bearing degree from Diu To Somnath is 287 ° degree. The given West course from Diu is just estimated. The given google outline the course in which the blue shading line shows street availability to Somnath . In the movement delineate Somnath you may discover on the way inns, visitor spots, cookout spots, oil pumps and different religious spots. The given google delineate not happy to see every one of the spots according to your desire at that point to see road maps, neighborhood places see our nitty gritty guide here.

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