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Eastern Europe Tour

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Eastern Europe Tour

Eastern Europe Tour


  • All breakfasts and half your dinners
  • All tips for guides and driver
  • A tour kit including a guidebook (or books) and a moneybelt
  • Guaranteed tour price, locked in the moment you make your deposit
  • Optional single supplements — this tour has a limited number of private rooms for solo travelers for an additional fee
  • Tour alum discount of $50 for each tour you’ve taken prior to 2019
  • 50% discount on a consulting appointment with our in-house experts to assist with your pre- or post-tour travel plans
  • Flexibility should you need to transfer or cancel your tour.
Day 1: Welcome to Prague (Eastern Europe Tour)

Eastern Europe Tour We’ll meet at 3 p.m. to acclimate and review the experiences ahead. This evening we’ll hop right in and appreciate a winding strolling visit from our neighborhood to Prague’s vivid and notable Old Town Square. We’ll end our night over a healthy supper together. Rest in Prague (2 evenings). No transport. Strolling: direct.

Day 2: Royal, Prestigious Prague

At the beginning of today we’ll jump on board a nearby cable car to take us over the Vltava River and up the slope to the most monstrous mansion complex in mainland Europe: Prague Castle. We’ll visit the noteworthy St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica (when accessible), and the Golden Lane. You’ll at that point have extra time for lunch and the rest of the day for all the more touring without anyone else. Tonight is an incredible time to get an established show or experience the idiosyncratic and interestingly Czech Black Light Theater. No transport. Strolling: strenuous.

Day 3: Moravian Countryside and Kraków (Eastern Europe Tour)

We’ll leave the city and drive east into precipitous Moravia, ceasing in the perfectly Baroque slope town of Štramberk, where we’ll appreciate some spare time for lunch and investigation. At that point we’ll cross into Poland on our way to today around evening time’s goal, the amazing city of Kraków, Poland’s social junction and blend. We’ll take an introduction stroll to the exuberant, noteworthy market square and appreciate a conventional Polish supper together. Rest in Kraków (3 evenings). Transport: 7 hours. Strolling: light.

Day 4: Historic Kraków

At the beginning of today we’ll meet a nearby guide and wind our way through the account of Kraków. We’ll wonder about Wawel Castle, the profound home of the Polish country, and Wawel Cathedral, the resting spot of Polish sovereignty and holy people. We’ll visit notable St. Mary’s Church — the main pinnacle on the planet where a bugler has played each hour for as far back as 600 years (and kid is he tired). We’ll find out about the life and effect of nearby legend John Paul II as we follow his strides on our strolling visit through the core of Kraków. Your evening is allowed to find a greater amount of this wonderful city all alone. Visit an exhibition hall or two, or go lease a bicycle! No transport. Strolling: direct.

Day 5: Lessons of the Past (Eastern Europe Tour)

This day goes up against an altogether different tone, as we visit the inhumane imprisonment site of Auschwitz-Birkenau, where no less than 1.1 million blameless individuals were methodicallly killed amid World War II. Today, this is a great place for learning, reflection, and recognition. After we come back to Kraków, your night is free. Transport: 3 hours. Strolling: direct.

Day 6: Drive to Eger

We’ll start our morning with a drive through the beautiful Tatras Mountains and the moving slopes of Hungary’s celebrated “Bull’s Blood” wine-developing district. Our goal is the town of Eger, where the townspeople (with some assistance) turned back an Ottoman attack of focal Europe in 1552. Our day will end with a Hungarian supper close to the town of Eger, where we’ll rest (1 night). Transport: 8 hours. Strolling: direct.

Day 7: Hungary, Great and Small  (Eastern Europe Tour)

At the beginning of today you’ll have sufficient energy to absorb Eger’s Baroque excellence. Later we’ll visit a neighborhood school, where we’ll take a seat and talk with an instructor and appreciate lunch together in the cafeteria. At that point we’ll find out about the district’s deservedly well known wines with a visit and tasting at a nearby winery. Our goal tonight is Budapest, the strong Magyar capital on the Danube, where after an introduction walk, we’ll appreciate supper together. Rest in Budapest (3 evenings). Transport: 4 hours. Strolling: light.

Day 8: Bustling Budapest

The rich history of Pest has made a city that is an astound of Baroque, established, and present day engineering. On our strolling visit at the beginning of today, we’ll crane our necks close to Europe’s biggest parliament constructing, and figure out how Hungarians adapted to 50 years of rightist and socialist oppression. We’ll break for lunch, giving you extra time to meander through the Great Market Hall — a compositional diamond and the city’s biggest indoor market — and treat your faculties to a couple of paprika-injected rarities. Later tonight, we’ll end our day together with an unwinding voyage on the Danube. Watercraft: 60 minutes. No transport. Strolling: strenuous.

Day 9: Old Budapest  (Eastern Europe Tour)

Today we’ll center around the Buda side of the Danube, beginning up on Castle Hill for a bird’s-eye perspective of sprawling Pest, and a mobile visit that takes us past the forcing Royal Palace and into Budapest’s most noteworthy church, the extravagantly plated Matthias Church. When we’ve completed here, your guide will be upbeat to situate those intrigued to the lavish and conventional open warm showers. No transport. Strolling: direct.

Day 10: Natural Wonders of Croatia

After breakfast we’ll drive out of Hungary and into Croatia. Directly over the outskirt, we’ll be invited with a crisp, family-readied lunch in a charming homestead setting. At that point we’ll drive on to our goal, the profound greens and blues of Croatia’s water wonderland and one of Europe’s head nature jelly: Plitvice Lakes National Park. After supper together you’ll rest soundly encompassed by the calm of nature. Rest in or close to the national stop (1 night). Transport: 7 hours. Strolling: light.

Day 11: From the Forests to the Sea (Eastern Europe Tour)

At the beginning of today we’ll climb along rural footpath trails associating the pure woodlands, travertine stone bluffs, clear blue lakes, and spouting cascades of Plitvice Lakes National Park. We’ll figure out how the recreation center is inventively figuring out how to secure its fragile condition, including the utilization of electric cable cars and vessels. We’ll take a meal break to recharge ourselves, at that point give our legs a rest as we drive to the Istrian landmass on the Adriatic Sea and the charming coastline town of Rovinj, where we’ll appreciate a nightfall supper. Rest in Rovinj (2 evenings). Transport: 4 hours. Strolling: strenuous.

Day 12: Free Day in Rovinj

Take a “get-away from your get-away.” The whole day is yours to appreciate the sun, gelato, fish, and apathetic mood of Rovinj. Meander through the tight roads, watch nearby anglers get the day’s catch, or go to the shoreline for sun and a dip. We’ll share any useful info at a casual party time early tonight. No transport. Strolling: light to strenuous (your decision).

Day 13: Slovenian Countryside and Ljubljana  (Eastern Europe Tour)

Today we’ll make a beeline for the purplish blue gem of Lake Bled at the foot of Slovenia’s Julian Alps. En route, we’ll stop in Ljubljana for a visit featuring a portion of the city’s well known historic points and leisure time to make your own revelations. In the wake of investigating the capital, we’ll proceed to maybe a couple of your guide’s most loved spots to enjoy the verdant Slovenian farmland before proceeding to our last goal: an unblemished lake ringed by timberlands and climbing ways. Rest in Bled (2 evenings). Transport: 5 hours. Strolling: light to strenuous (guide’s decision).

Day 14: Delightful Lake Bled

Today we’ll take a conventional pletna vessel ride together to Lake Bled’s house of prayer topped island, where nearby custom requires each future spouse to convey his lady up the 99 stages from the watercraft dock to the congregation at the best (four out of five are fruitful). Your evening is allowed to climb to the manor and its all encompassing perspective, take a grand stroll around the lake (ceasing for a kremšnita cream cake), or lease a bicycle to investigate significantly more. Today around evening time we’ll meet for a unique supper together, sharing travel recollections and toasting new companions. Na zdravje! Pontoon: 60 minutes. No transport. Strolling: direct.

Day 15: Tour Over After Breakfast  (Eastern Europe Tour)

Breakfast is given, however there are no gathering exercises today. Ljubljana’s airplane terminal is only 30 minutes away, and there are adjacent prepare associations with Munich, Vienna, and other European urban communities. Whatever your plans, your guide will enable you to get progressing nicely.

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