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Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour

Barcelona Tour Package

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour


  • 6 nights’ accommodation in selected hotels:2 nights in Vienna / 2 nights in Salzburg / 2 nights in Innsbruck
  • Daily Buffet breakfast
  • Vienna: 24 hours – hop on hop off ticket
  • Vienna: Entrance to Schönbrunn Palace
  • Salzburg: Hop on Hop Off tour
  • Innsbruck: 48 hours Innsbruck Card


  • Airfare and taxes (both international and domestic)
  • Any meals apart from the one mentioned in the itinerary
  • Any tours apart from the one mentioned in the itinerary
  • Any tips, gratuities, telephones, laundry
  • GST:5%
  • Any other services not mentioned in the inclusions or itinerary
  • Peak season surcharges
  • Visa & Travel Insurance

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour Day 1: Endless Views and an Opulent Culinary Introduction at Restaurant 181 First

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour Engineering treasures effortlessness your entrance to Munich, and the lush Louis Hotel am Viktualienmarkt is encompassed by tasteful joys. Unwind and loosen up from the flight, at that point permit the comfortable environment of Bavaria’s funding to lure you outside. Wellsprings move and castle’s glimmer underneath delicate light as you step onto the Munich roads, the city consolidating old world fascinate with a refined advancement. Gradually drench up the early introductions of Christmas cheer, a superb confidence coming from the beguiling side avenues and mysterious markets.

At this point you’ll have just noticed Bratwurst, Germany’s acclaimed wiener sizzling on road corners. Try not to stress. That is not going to be your supper. This schedule uncovers an obscure and up and coming side to the nation’s culinary offering that is not at all like some other, conveying a fussbudget’s gathering of 12 Michelin Stars in one little universe as you excursion to a sudden culinary focus.

Properly situated at the summit of the Olympic Tower, you will discover Restaurant 181. This Michelin Star evaluated eatery spins, and Munich flickers underneath your eyes. Gourmet expert Otto Koch exhibits a mark menu that hoists your German culinary desires. A portion of his prestigious dishes are the goose liver terrine with popcorn, Breton style lobster, simmered seat of venison and each dish is customized for the recognizing and requesting sense of taste. Also, this is only the begin.

What’s Included: five-course menu at Restaurant First, convenience, air terminal exchange

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour

Germany Austria Vacation

Day 2: A Cozy Christmas Market and a Sensual Feast at Schuhbecks in cave Sudtiroler Stuben

Winter draws out Munich’s charms with Baroque engineering looking down on charming shops and boutique treasures. While you have a free day for investigation, enable yourself to be drenched in the city’s convincing logical inconsistencies. There’s the ultra chic and brilliantly smooth side to parts of the city, yet an including town air stifles any vainglory. With seventeenth century landmarks controlling the excursion, walk around the shops of Maximilian Strasse, and proceed to the Christmas showcase on Marienplatz.

The Germans know a couple of things about winter merriments; the Christmas tree was their thought, and their Christmas markets have been around since the fourteenth century. Indeed, even after 600 years regardless they’re serving up zesty Gluhwein (reflected on wine) with gingerbread. An immense Christmas tree lights up Marienplatz, uncovering pathways between captivating delectables and enchanting business sector slows down. Practically around the bend is the trough advertise, its nativity scenes finish with lights and jackasses. What’s more, if the Christmas cheer turns out to be excessively, your peaceful lodging is inside strolling separation.

Today around evening time’s Michelin Star offering originates from TV-star culinary expert Alfons Schuhbeck at his eatery, Schuhbecks in lair Sudtiroler Stuben. Regardless of being seemingly Germany’s most popular TV culinary expert and formula book maker, Schuhbeck still meanders through his own particular eatery to welcome coffee shops; this individual touch is intelligent of his commitment and scrupulousness. Bavarian indulgences are the beginning stage here, an amazing culinary legacy uncovered in the ground-breaking flavors and solid surfaces. At that point Schuhbeck flaunts, turning in a universe of flavors, tempting the taste buds with insights of the extraordinary and blooms of the sweet-smelling. Like each night on this schedule, a five-course signature menu is incorporated.

What’s Included: five-course menu at the Schuhbecks in lair Sudtiroler Stuben, settlement, breakfast

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour

Day 3: Munich’s Cultural Treasures and Inimitable Styles at Les Deux

This current morning’s social visit gives a story to Munich’s legacy in a universe of exhibitions and historical centers. There’s an emphasis on convention, disclosing a history that is wandered through numerous time of riches and remodel. Spots like Pinakothek and the Deutsches Museum wait in the memory and in addition uncover an elective side to this city of features. As a discretionary visit, you can investigate one more of the locale’s acclaimed specialities – Bavarian brew. Visit the Paulaner Brewery and remember a very long time of blending history.

From a valid Bavarian day comes a genuinely global night. The wonderful Les Deux consolidates simple French food with a brilliant Japanese profile. Simply peruse a portion of the fixings; Hokkaido pumpkin, yellow balance fish suffused with wasabi, child eel, guinea bosom, hamachi, and Valrhona chocolate. This yard pearl delights in its stickler experimentation, supplementing the advancement with a 500 in number wine basement and one of Germany’s most regarded sommeliers. After the glamour of Restaurant 181 First and the acclaim of Schuhbecks, Les Deux gives a more easygoing climate and exhibits another unmistakable side to Munich’s Michelin Star collection.

What’s Included: five-course menu at Les Deux, settlement, breakfast

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour

Day 4: Enchanting Stuttgart and Frank Oehler’s Signature Menu at Restaurant Speisemeisterei

Early today you leave Munich and walk west, a picturesque prepare travel through energetic scenes and beguiling Bavarian towns. Notwithstanding being the central station for Mercedes and Porsche, Stuttgart sticks to its tenth century history and customs. Boutique extravagance is first saturated at your five-star settlement, its mix of antiquated allure and tender loving care are meaningful of the city. You will discover exhibitions, chic shops, palace relics, and captivating city squares.

This evening, your guided voyage through Stuttgart contains a mesmeric assorted variety, yet it’s profoundly laid-back in style. As lights twinkle and delicate scents glide between skilled workers’ slows down, you’ll be investigating one of Germany’s biggest Christmas advertises, its cozy environment unaffected by the massive size. Shop for loved ones, or douse up the comfort and let your eyes meander onto mixed treats.

Forthright Oehler is the designer of this evening’s charm as you proceed on your culinary adventure at the Michelin Star evaluated Speisemesiterei. His mark menu emanates class and style. Molto caviar, blue prawn and scallops, and venison with Tellicherry pepper sauce are only a couple of his mark dishes. Rich insides give the photographic setting to your Speisemesiterei eatery table, and an extravagant gathering of dishes take the tongue on an exquisite tasting venture. Like most Michelin-appraised gourmet experts, Oehler has an affection for custom with a voracious hunger for unobtrusive subtleties and custom-made sublimity. Furthermore, how about we not overlook the sentiment of sovereignty that goes with a feast at Speisemesiterei; it’s one that befits the superb history of this acclaimed city.

What’s Included: rail exchange, five-course menu at Speisemesiterei, guided Stuttgart city visit, settlement, breakfast

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour

Day 5: Black Forest Indulgence Before the Triple Michelin Star Schwarzaldstube in Baiersbronn

Settled between the evergreen shade of the Black Forest, the interesting little town of Baiersbronn praises the serenity of a district. It’s tranquil throughout the day, lasting through the year; trails weave through the trees, adorable townhouses remain on calm streets, and mitigating sees reach out from the inn gallery. Baiersbronn makes for the ideal nation withdraw; little and peaceful yet stuffed with character. However it appears an impossible to miss put for a culinary focus. This schedule is about astonishments, however, and inside strolling separation of your inn, there are two triple Michelin Star eateries (the same number of as London) with a further three stars in the region.

Harald Wohlfahrt’s culinary festival, Schwarzaldstube Restaurant, keeps on adhering to its town conventions. Wohlfarhrt’s notoriety has risen exponentially finished the most recent 20 years, yet his triple Michelin Star eatery stays little and cozy, with just 11 tables. You could fill the tables four times more than, ten times maybe, however that wouldn’t suit a culinary specialist who savors the experience of spending each night in the kitchen. It’s in the kitchen where an art is consummated and the extravagant blends are separately outlined; delicacy that quickly overflows with force, contending flavors that faultlessly adjust, an all consuming purpose encapsulated in a solitary dish. Your five-course menu at Schwarzaldstube gives a wondrous prologue to the joys of Baiersbronn. This is the gourmet specialist that is as of late cooked for the Clintons, Dalai Lama, Hollywood stars, and now you.

So with midsections full and palates fulfilled, you stroll back to your room. As the last drops of sorbet glide around the mouth and you loosen up in your five-star room, you’re making an effort not to – but rather you’re as of now envisioning what breakfast will resemble.

What’s Included: rail exchange, five-course menu at Schwarzwaldstube, convenience, breakfast

Germany Austria Czech Republic Tour

Day 6: Elegant Spa Experiences and Aromatic Genius at Claus-Peter Lumpp’s Bareiss

Exactly how did Baiersbronn develop as a culinary focus? This is a town of 15,000 individuals. Other than New York, it has more three-star Michelin eateries than any US city. How? It’s an inquiry that goes through your head as you loosen up in your settlement’s extravagant spa, unlimited perspectives of the Black Forest reaching out from the all encompassing sauna. This is the Black Forest in a microcosm; serene, simple on the eye, and continually tempting you to remain longer. Presently the inquiry is, will you ever leave the spa? Maybe. However, not at this time, there’s another rich green view from the pool.

History likewise clarifies how this culinary focus developed. When one five-star lodging made a fine feasting eatery, the town’s other five-star inn stuck to this same pattern. For more than 30 years the two eateries have been affably endeavoring to exceed each other. The Michelin Stars arrived and were never surrendered, all things considered, quality can’t slip by for a minute when two ages of culinary competitions are in question. Other adjacent

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