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Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package

Germany Austria Vacation

Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package

Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package


  • All group transportation from Trier, Germany to Vienna, Austria
  • 13 nights’ accommodations in memorable, centrally located hotels
  • All breakfasts and half your dinners
  • All tips for guides and driver
  • A tour kit including a guidebook (or books) and a moneybelt
  • Guaranteed tour price, locked in the moment you make your deposit
  • Optional single supplements — this tour has a limited number of private rooms for solo travelers for an additional fee
  • Tour alum discount of $50 for each tour you’ve taken prior to 2019
  • 50% discount on a consulting appointment with our in-house experts to assist with your pre- or post-tour travel plans
  • Flexibility should you need to transfer or cancel your tour.
Day 1: Welcome to Germany (Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package)

Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package We’ll meet at 4 p.m. at our inn in Trier for a “Welcome to Germany” meeting. At that point we’ll take a night stroll through Deutschland’s most established city and acclimate over supper together. Rest in Trier (2 evenings). No transport. Strolling: light.

Day 2: Burg Eltz Castle and Trier

We’ll start our day with a mobile voyage through the noteworthy Roman and medieval heart of Trier, wondering about its Porta Nigra entryway, the most amazing Roman fortress in Germany. At that point we’ll drive along the slope embracing vineyards and towns of the Mosel Valley, halting for lunch together in the über-curious town of Beilstein. Close-by, we’ll extend our legs with a walk and voyage through strong Burg Eltz — Europe’s most seasoned stronghold still being used as a living arrangement. We’ll come back to Trier for a free night to investigate a greater amount of this person on foot inviting town. Transport: 4 hours. Strolling: strenuous.

Day 3: Baden-Baden Beckons  (Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package)

Our goal today is the old resort town of Baden-Baden, acclaimed for its mineral showers and diversions of possibility. Upon landing we’ll visit the elaborate clubhouse and go for an introduction walk through the town. You’ll have whatever is left of your day and night allowed to “do the spa” (with or without your bathing suit), meander along the shaded riverside promenade, or climb into the encompassing slopes. Rest in Baden-Baden (1 night). Transport: 4 hours. Strolling: light.

Day 4: Black Forest and Beyond

We’ll begin our day with a beautiful drive to the Black Forest Open-Air Museum. Here we’ll have a neighborhood direct walk us through the saved farmhouses and factories, giving some extra time to wait previously and arrange up some lunch (get ready for the wurst!). At that point we’ll drive up into Switzerland’s snow-topped Berner Oberland nation. Toward the finish of the profound Lauterbrunnen Valley, we’ll take an exciting gondola lift up to our lodging in clifftop Mürren, where we’ll appreciate stunning perspectives, eat together and rest (3 evenings). Transport: 6 hours. Strolling: direct.

Day 5: Hike in the Swiss Alps  (Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package)

The day is all yours. You might need to join your guide for a discretionary mountain walk…or ride the gondola lift up to the Schilthorn at 10,000 feet, stand around in the thin air, and discover your way back to Mürren…or take a tight check railroad up the opposite side of the valley to Kleine Scheidegg, close to the magnificent Eiger and Jungfrau tops. No transport. Strolling: light to strenuous (your decision).

Day 6: More of the Berner Oberland

Early today we’ll witness the thundering, roaring, slamming, sprinkling presentation of nature’s wonderful power in Trümmelbach Falls — a progression of underground cascades that dive many feet into murkiness behind the valley’s bluffs. You’ll have the evening allowed to take a lively mountain walk, or investigate a greater amount of the Berner Oberland all alone before we regroup for supper. Transport: ½ hour. Strolling: direct.

Day 7: Scenic Drive into Bavaria  (Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package)

The present drive is a decent time to get up to speed with your excursion diary, tune in to music, twist up with a decent book, or simply kick back and appreciate perspectives of immaculate mountains and shimmering lakes. We’ll stop for lunch on our way to the core of Bavaria — home of tall tale mansions, well-worn lederhosen, chime in brew gardens, and oompah-cordiality. Today around evening time, we’ll appreciate supper together and rest in Munich (2 evenings). Transport: 7 hours. Strolling: light.

Germany Austria Vacation

Day 8: All Day to Explore Munich

We’ll spend our morning getting an off camera take a gander at Munich with a mobile visit through its noteworthy Old Town and find out about the “checkered” history and customs of Bavaria. Whatever is left of the day is yours to walk around Germany’s most decent city, drench up some culture at its reality class exhibition halls, or lease a bicycle to pedal the auto free ways of the English Garden and Isar River. No transport. Strolling: direct.

Day 9: Neuschwanstein and Salzburg  (Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package)

Today we’ll drive through cultivating nation, at that point take a tough climb to visit the children’s story dream of “Frantic” King Ludwig: Neuschwanstein Castle. We’ll climb down to share lunch together, at that point (climate allowing) drive to a close-by luge course for a ride on a little sled with wheels before abandoning Germany. Later this evening we’ll touch base in Salzburg and subside into our curious inn. We’ll end our day with an introduction stroll through the memorable focus, and offer a “Welcome to Austria” supper together. Rest in Salzburg (2 evenings). Transport: 4 hours. Strolling: strenuous.

Day 10: All Day to Soak Up Salzburg

Salzburg is an ideal town for a mobile visit, and that is the way we’ll spend our morning: walking around the fashioned iron indications of the Getreidegasse, going Baroque at the Salzburg Cathedral, and investigating the Mirabell Gardens. Whatever is left of your day is free to wander through Salzburg’s sublime greenery enclosures, climbing up the post slope for an all encompassing perspective, or accelerating a leased bicycle into the field, singing “do, re, mi.” Your guide will give you a summary of nearby shows you could sneak away to tonight. No transport. Strolling: direct.

Day 11: Austria’s Lovely Lake District  (Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package)

Toward the beginning of today we’ll advance toward the postcard-lovely Lake Hallstatt. It’s awfully charming for our transport, so in the wake of settling in to our lakeside lodging we’ll appreciate a vessel journey past amazing towns and rocky mountain vistas. Spend a free evening communing with Mother Nature by walking or by vessel — or climb up to one of the world’s most established salt mines previously today around evening time’s supper together. Think about Lake Hallstatt (1 night). Watercraft: 60 minutes. Transport: 2 hours. Strolling: light.

Day 12: Lessons of History

Today we’ll head toward Vienna, ceasing in transit to visit the interesting Mauthausen death camp, where we’ll find out about the Holocaust and exercises of 1933– 1945. At that point we’ll take after the Danube Valley to the amazing finale of our visit — Vienna — once the capital of Europe’s wealthiest domain. We’ll top off our day with a night visit through notable Vienna, including a visit to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Your guide will examine your best wagers for supper all alone. Rest in Vienna (2 evenings). Transport: 5 hours. Strolling: strenuous.

Day 13: All Day in Classy Vienna (Germany Austria Switzerland Trip Package)

We’ll start our day in advanced Vienna with an excursion to the Third Man Museum for an interesting take a gander at the city’s post-WWII history. At that point we’ll investigate the city’s rich Habsburg legacy including the exquisite Opera House (when accessible), and the Hofburg Treasury. Your evening is allowed to investigate a different universe class exhibition hall or two, or back off to appreciate tasting an espresso in the city where Europe’s bistro scene was conceived. Today around evening time, we’ll meet for our last supper together, where we’ll share travel recollections and toast new companions. Prost! No transport. Strolling: direct.

Day 14: Tour Over After Breakfast

Breakfast is given, yet there are no gathering exercises today. It’s a breeze to achieve Vienna’s air terminal via prepare, transport or taxi. You’ll have simple associations with home, or on to different focuses in Europe.

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