Goa Honeymoon Package

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Goa Honeymoon Package

Goa Honeymoon Package

  • Stay at a 500-year-old Goan-Portuguese home
  • Kayak in the virgin backwaters
  • Village trip
  • Goan breads at a traditional bakery
  • Home-cooked Goan cuisine
  • Secret caves, lakes and waterfalls

Goa Honeymoon Package

hotel in goa
Goa Honeymoon Package

Day 1 : Meet the homestay has. Investigate Aldona on trail blazing bicycles –

The Goa Away from the Beaches encounter begins with your entry in Goa. From Goa’s Panjim Airport or at the Thivim station in North Goa, a pickup can be sorted out whenever required. For the ideal beginning of the strange visit, bounce into a nearby transport or taxi and achieve Aldona Village in North Goa.

Your remain, amid your visit is orchestrated with the Amaral family. Meet the hosts, Roberto and Raquel. In the tired little town of Aldona, somewhere down in the core of North Goa, they possess a delightful Goan-Portuguese house. The homestay is somewhere around 500 years of age, however the correct age stays obscure. The family assigns a couple of the private rooms in the latrine bungalow. The hotel appreciates the vibe of the pioneer times. These rooms are furnished with a typical verandah, encompassed by the verdant greenery of trees. Hear the songs of the trilling flying creatures, and the harmonies life of the serene town.

Unwind for some time or invest energy becoming acquainted with your hosts. Roberto and Raquel have experienced childhood in these parts, and are loaded with captivating stories. Think about how Goa has changed since the flower child period. Lie on a lounger, read, compose, draw, paint and do the things you adore. The mitigating surroundings is a lovely change frame disarray of urban communities.

Today after rest, go strolling or cycling around Aldona on the in-house trail blazing bicycles. The delicate landscape offers some fascinating trails. Blend with neighbors lazing outside their homes and local people working in their rice paddies. Find out about their lives and hear their accounts. Appreciate the fortunes a long way from the general ideas of Goa.

Goa Honeymoon Package

Day 2 : Day trip: Aravalem cascades, shake cut caverns, Mayem Lake OR to Mapusa Market-

The morning begins with the calls of winged creatures and the songs of the town. Eat and prepare for multi day trip.

The day excursions can be to Arvalem or Mapusa. In Arvalem, visit the stone cut caverns and the cascades. The stone sliced caverns is accepted to be Asia’s most seasoned, yet is totally off the visitor radar. The breathtaking Arvalem cascade is a decent excursion spot. Sprinkle in the sky blue waters. Next, push a paddleboat into the quiet Mayem Lake.

You can likewise visit the most loved road showcase in the town of Mapusa. The deals are very enticing. Investigate the magnificent town possessed by vacationers the vast majority of the year.

In the late evening, let your hosts give you a close look into the town they call home. They take you to the town church and graveyard, where you run over fascinating encounters. The beautiful Aldona stronghold, the surrendered Portuguese homes, antiquated scaffolds transport you back in the provincial time. Your visit closes at a conventional pastry shop in the town. Watch and relish, crisp breads being prepared in goliath earthen broiler. The warm and cushy indulgences stays one of the most loved recollections of unique Goa.

Come back to the homestay for a relaxing night.

Day 3 : Kayak in the backwaters. Guided town trip-

Goa can’t quit astounding you. Today after a sound breakfast, prepare for something obscure to many. Today you are good to go to investigate the backwaters of Goa. The streams, tidal ponds, lakes and the ocean have made a standout amongst the most wonderful eco-framework, and what better is not very many really think about it. In contrast to the backwaters of Kerala, the prevalent partner there are no houseboats and nor commercialization, just a perpetual stretch of tranquility.

Board a kayak and prepare to investigate. There are little inlets, mangroves, little villas on the shores, and different charms of nature. Spot winged creatures and natural life, it is a world immaculate. Watch the nightfall and have returned to your homestay in Aldona Village.

Goa Honeymoon Package

Day 4 : Optional excursions –

Goa isn’t visited however experienced. Today, there are no solid designs. Make your very own arrangements or unwind in your homestay.

On the off chance that you have an inclination that you need to pack in additional, your alternatives are copious.

You can join your host Roberto for a speedboat trip through the unfamiliar backwaters of Goa. This 1.5-hour trip, offers to delight in the regular magnificence. Go through isolated towns and multifaceted mangroves. Flying creature spotting is the genuine joy. Watch birds, kingfishers, peacocks roosted on trees, and a few species you may have never even observed. The Indian Mugger Crocodile may likewise show up on the off chance that you are fortunate. Among October and March, you can decide to speedboat into the Arabian Sea. In these months is conceivable to scout for dolphins. Dissimilar to the Dolphin contracts, it is a customized understanding of visiting the delicate monsters.

For a substitute visit, go island bouncing on a ship. Lease a bicycle or vehicle. Take the drive through the less voyage stream course by means of Pomburpa. The course explores through pleasant view. Make stops at little family-run Goan restaurants. Test Goan dishes and urakh (feni’s lesser known cousin). The tasty taste entice your taste buds. You can likewise a give a shot to woman good fortune, Try betting at the skimming gambling club. Put in the night in gatherings, lost in music and moving. Commend life in Goan style.

Goa Honeymoon Package

Day 5 : Departure from Goa Airport – Railway station –

Today is the latest day of your trek. Appreciate a heavenly platter and said goodbye to your hosts. Get an exchange to get your flight or train home. Your visit is finished, yet you take a smidgen of Goa along in your souls.

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