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Italy Tour Venice

Italy Tour

Italy Tour Venice

Italy Tour Venice


  • Enjoy a romantic gondola ride through Venice’s maze of quiet hidden canals.
  • Classical opera/concert in Venice held at a glorious 15th-century palace.
  • Tour of Milan’s cathedral, Europe’s third-largest church, a work of gothic grandeur.
  • Shop at designer fashion boutiques in Milan and stop for pasta power lunches
  • Get away from the hustle and bustle in the peaceful and idyllic Lake District.
  • Visit the village of Bellagio, famous for its aristocratic villas and lakeside promenades.
  • Tour the Roman Forum to walk in Julius Caesar’s footsteps and imagine ancient life.
  • See Michelangelo’s “David,” a breathtaking 17-foot masterpiece of marble sculpture.
  • Discover medieval walled hill towns in the charming Tuscan countryside.
  • Go wine-tasting at a private vineyard estate in the famous Chianti region.
Day 1 – Welcome to Italy! (Touch base in Milan) (Italy Tour Venice)

Italy Tour Venice  Upon landing in Malpensa airplane terminal, your private exchange will welcome you and take you to your lodging. Start your visit in the clamoring city of Milan, a focal point of business and form. Milan has been a focal point of unmistakable quality since the Middle Ages. You’ll witness medieval pomposity at the Duomo, the city’s amazing basilica. This gothic artful culmination seats 10,000 admirers and is delegated with 140 towers and in excess of 2,000 statues. In this interesting city underneath the veneer of post-WWII structures, numerous amazements anticipate you.

Day 2 – From Medieval Wonders to Leonardo’s Last Supper (Milan)

After breakfast, appreciate a guided voyage through the city’s features. See the world-popular La Scala Opera House and find out about the renowned history of the Duomo, a wonder of medieval engineering fabricated when Milan was viewed as the “new Athens.” Stroll through Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the “parlor” of the city, to look at fashioner shops and stop for coffee at Zucca, a most loved bistro of Giuseppe Verdi. At the Church of the Santa Maria delle Grazie, you’ll have an opportunity to see Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” The exceedingly ensured perfect work of art is just perceptible by arrangement. Whatever remains of the evening is at your relaxation to visit craftsmanship displays or shop at your most loved boutiques, including Armani, Gucci and Prada.

Day 3 – Experience the Allure of Lake Como  (Italy Tour Venice)

After breakfast at your lodging in Milan, you’ll be exchanged to the prepare station for your prepare ride to Lake Como. When you arrive, your private exchange will take you from the station to your lodging. Italy’s sentimental Lake District lies only north of Milan in the shadow of the Alps. The tranquil Lake District offers the charm of Italy past the hurrying around, far from the confused Italian traveler encounter. Spotted with pretty towns, small ports and noble estates in rich patio nurseries, Lake Como has a charming Old World style. You can toss your agenda to the breeze and appreciate an evening of contend unwinding! Take in the outside air and cooperative with nature in this exquisite snow capped setting. Appreciate a cookout lunch in a setting deserving of a Renoir painting, or visit one of the neighborhood eateries serving bona fide natively constructed food.


Day 4 – Visit the City of Como and Bellagio Resort (Lake District)

Subsequent to burning through one night in this untainted setting, wake up invigorated and appreciate breakfast at your lodging. Today you’ll take a private voyage through the territory, including visits to the towns of Como and Bellagio. Your visit guide will take you through Como’s great old town, free of activity and regular concerns, where your creative energy can venture back to another time. Stop to appreciate coffee at one of the town’s enchanting bistros. Appreciate the excellence of the lake as you walk around the promenade and watch ferryboats navigate the tranquil blue waters. Following visit the resort town of Bellagio, called the “Pearl of the Lake.” This beautiful town is described by great manors, hundreds of years old houses of worship, cobblestone paths and stairways loaded with shops. Walk around the small avenues that breeze down to the lake and visit an extravagant shopping arcade to stop for gelato or coffee.

Day 5 – Travel from Lake Como to Venice (Italy Tour Venice)

After breakfast, take the prepare to Venice. Known as “La Serenissima,” which means “the most peaceful,” Venice resists depiction. Her excellence must be acknowledged face to face. You should encounter the sentiment yourself as you navigate the tidal pond by gondola or water taxi and keeping in mind that walking the antiquated labyrinth of tight avenues, back roads and piazzas. With its medieval format and not an auto in locate, Venice fits irregular meandering and person on foot revelation. Look as gondolas float through concealed trenches fixed with private homes, where hand crafted Italian cooking penetrates the air. Stop into a cicchetti bar for a glass of wine with local people.

Day 6 – Art and Culture Tour of Venice

Your guided visit takes you to Venice’s features, beginning at St. Check’s Square. This fantastic piazza was called “the most wonderful attracting room Europe” by Napoleon. Visit St. Stamp’s Basilica, worked in the eleventh century and secured with 43,000 square feet of complicatedly point by point mosaics. Next take a guided voyage through the Doge’s Palace, recognized by its pink and white marble exterior. Find the historical backdrop of Piombi Prison where detainees (counting Casanova) took their last look at wonderful Venice. Walk around the beguiling, winding lanes and get lost as you find excellent piazzas and overlooked places of worship. Appreciate a gondola down the beautiful Grand Canal. Take in postcard perspectives of Rialto Bridge and noteworthy castles from the days when Venice was the most extravagant city.

Day 7 – Tour the Venetian Islands and Enjoy Classical Opera in Venice  (Italy Tour Venice)

Bring a supernatural voyage into the Venetian Lagoon, leaving after breakfast from the Ponte della Paglia. In this quiet segment of the Adriatic, you’ll find four interesting islands. Start at the San Giorgio Maggiore Island, where you’ll be wowed by staggering perspectives of Venice. Following visit Murano, famous for its glass production lines and trinket shops. Proceed onto the island of Burano, well known for bind and beautiful cabins. From that point, cruise crosswise over to Torcello, the primary settlement in the tidal pond. The Church of Santa Fosca is justified regardless of a visit just to see the magnificent old mosaics. At night, appreciate a musical drama or show at the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, a superb fifteenth century castle. We likewise prescribe a sentimental candlelit supper served channel side.

Day 8 – Travel from Venice to Florence

After breakfast, spend the morning investigating Venice at your relaxation. Toward the evening, you’ll take a prepare ride from Venice to Florence, where you’ll be exchanged to your lodging. Whatever remains of the late evening is yours to investigate this all around saved noteworthy city, known for its specialty and culture. The Renaissance started in Florence, affluent due to its fabric industry, exchange and saving money. Walk around a portion of the features. You could begin at the Duomo, the city’s neoclassical domed church building that is the third biggest in Christendom. At that point visit the Piazza Signoria for a gelato or coffee stop and proceed with the Arno River as the sun lights up the castles covering the Arno, until the point when you achieve the Ponte Vecchio, the renowned scaffold fixed with gold and silver shops.

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