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Krabi Sightseeing Package

Krabi Sightseeing Package

Krabi Sightseeing Package

01Krabi 4-Island Tour

Set out over the Andaman Sea for multi day-long voyage through Krabi’s ‘4 Islands,’ and watch the tide reveal the slim spits that join the wilderness isles. Investigate the crooked coastline by speedboat or customary longtail, and leave the day’s first impressions on fine, fine shorelines. Snorkel in a shielded tidal pond, wait in the influencing shade of coconut palms, and appreciate an outing lunch on a perfect shoreline. Walk around Tup Islets and Chicken Island, at that point push off again toward fantastical shake developments that take off over the tropical ocean.

Krabi Sightseeing Package

02Hong Island Tour by Speedboat

Travel by speedboat to the Koh Hong Archipelago, a little chain of four islands in a National Marine Park set against Phang Nga Bay. Visit the shielded inlet of Koh Lading, swim around the limestone karst called Koh Daen, see the amazing sandbanks of Koh Pakbia and investigate the principle island of Koh Hong. On the off chance that you select the kayaking choice, paddle into its shrouded tidal pond.

Krabi Sightseeing Package

03 Islands swim Sunset Tour

Appreciate island jumping to the 7 heaven islands encompassing Ao Nang. Unwind on pristine shorelines, swim and snorkel in completely clear waters and investigate the stunning coral reefs and marine existence of the Andaman Sea in Krabi.

Pack your bathing suit for a speedboat ride from Krabi to Koh Phi for a voyage through Thailand’s most lovely and surely understood islands, and spend the day unwinding at this well known goal. In one hour you’re whisked away to the Phi islands so you have more opportunity to unwind on a portion of the best shorelines in the Andaman Sea. |

Krabi Sightseeing Package

04The most ideal approach to see the Islands of Koh Phi-Phi in style!

This visit offers the most goals in a single day, because of how rapidly this vessel can travel it implies you will just have a couple of minutes on the pontoon between each stop! You will see nearly everything Koh Phi brings to the table across the board visit!

Krabi Sightseeing Package

05Get from Phi ( Tonsai Pier)

This substantial twofold decked vessel is an ideal blend of solace, enterprise and incentive for cash. Leaving at a young hour toward the beginning of the day giving you the most obvious opportunity to land on Maya Bay shoreline without an excessive number of day trippers going along with us. The bigger style of watercraft considers the most solace amid the visit with on board toilets and serving territory for complimentary tea, espresso and drinking water.

Krabi Sightseeing Package

06Get from Phi ( Tonsai Pier)

Appreciate an evening to recollect on the vast twin decked Phi Sunset vessel. Kick back and unwind on the open best deck and splash up the daylight as we travel around the beautiful Koh Phi Leh.

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