Little Rann Of Kutch Tour Package

Little Rann Of Kutch Tour Package

Little Rann Of Kutch Tour Package-With your quest for wonders bringing you to Ahmedabad, Kutch tour package makes sure that your day is planned in a such a way that you are able to make the best of it. The first day is marked with a visit to the temple, Gir sanctuary, evening visit to a crocodile farm and a Jeep Safari. The day doesn’t end here. Instead it carryforwards your journey as you start for Somnath.

The second day of your Kutch journey begins with a visit to Triveni Sangam, bhalka tirth and various temples of historical and religious importance. The day would conclude with the renowned light and sound show of the Somnath temple. The list of things does with Kutch tour package gets even more exciting when you proceed towards Dwarka. Have a visit to Gandhi ashram on your way and the revered dwarkadhish temple. Don’t miss the presence of gomati river in the sacred town.

The kutch tour package takes you to Bhuj the next day. If your enthusiasm still prevails, have a visit to the nearby places and get ready for the coming day since it will be pivotal of the kutch journey.

Yes, it would be a visit to the most awaited festival of Gujarat  “The Rann of Kutch”.Focus your attention back on Ahmedabad since it has many attractions with its own significance. Don’t forget to get your shopping bags filled with the city boast high quality textile outfits and products. Kutch tour package also takes care of the adventure fans. Last day is a visit to science city and IMAX.

It’s an amazing deal covering major parts of Gujarat. Grab the astonishing Kutch tour package now!


Begin your journey with the aid of interacting with the wild and the woods and cherish it with the jeep safari.

Kutch tour package deal starts your adventure by bringing you towards nature . You will be taken to kankai mata temple and sasan gir sanctuary. It is the best place where asiatic lions are discovered in the wild. Visit right here is permitted simplest all through the day hours.

Sasan gir sanctuary is likewise a domestic to leopards, crocodiles and is famend for migratory bird watching. Your nighttime is made exciting with the aid of jeep safari (from 3-6) and go to crocodile farm at sasan and devaliya park. Once you are through with this, head closer to somnath. Revel in your stay on the inn.

That is focused on day 1. But preserve your enthusiasm alive because there’s plenty more to cover in the coming days.

Nowadays is a blend of auspiciousness of rivers and sacredness of the temples coupled to the coronary heart throbbing mild and sound show of somnath temple.

Fill your belly well due to the fact that is going to be yet another long day. Visit triveni sangam that’s the union of three holy rivers starts the day. Close to that is bhalka tirth wherein lord krishna disincarnated with arrow injury in his holy right toes as the purpose. The historical relevance of these temples cannot be undermined.Kutch excursion bundle takes you to kamnath mahadev temple which changed into constructed 2 hundred years ago.

No longer handiest this however the day is filled with a go to to gita mandir, parashurama temple, suraj mandir, baldev ji mandir,bhimnath mahadev and laxmi narayan mandir that is made in south indian style. Witness aarti and the soothing mild and sound display at somnath temple which additionally depicts the records of the area.

Time to visit the holy town which even scientist are getting to know on.

Have breakfast and proceed for dwarka a piece early in the morning. An en direction visit to the father of the kingdom’s “gandhi ashram” in porbandar might possibly make your day. The dwarkadhish temple that is the delight of dwarka is your next go to location. That is accompanied appreciating the calmness of gomti river and different temples.

You are nearly within the center of your kutch tour package. Hold the strength intact for there are many surprises to be unwrapped.

The journey receives adorned and creates more reminiscence when it’s miles accompanied by way of travelling. Spark off for bhuj and experience the scenic splendor for your way.

Start with an early morning ride to bhuj for the reason that it would be a protracted journey. You will reach your destination by way of night. If time allows, have a visit to neighborhood places otherwise revel in some time at the resort and put together for the imminent event.

The maximum fashionable day subsequently arrives. Maintain your breath since you’ll be part of the rann of kutch festival and it is party. Savour this present day completely.

This time you need now not wake up early in the morning because the pleasure of the pageant might not allow you to sleep. With hope for a day complete of joy and satisfied recollections, continue in the direction of the applauded rann of kutch competition.

Kutch excursion package deal takes into consideration the expectancies of its travelers hence there’s no time restrict this time. Live there for the entire day and discover it thoroughly. Go back to bhuj in the night time and have a nice live at the resort.

An afternoon when you tour back to ahmedabad.

Check out from the resort in bhuj on the right time and relieve the tiredness of previous day given that today you need to tour to ahmedabad. Have lots of rest to your way and additionally on accomplishing the destination. You’re expected to reach by means of nighttime. Day after today is going to be plenty extra amusing hence be prepared for it. Your safety and luxury are looked after by using searching out an excellent megastar inn with kutch excursion package.

The excursion hasn’t ended but. The baggage aren’t crammed.Time to buy groceries. Go to gandhi ashram and other traveler places.

Start your scheduled day of kutch tour bundle with a visit to gandhi ashram observed with the aid of kankariya lake. Next, go to siddi saiyad ni jail and different tourist places.Being within the metropolis of textile king don’t forget to replenish your bags with fabric product and outfits from all darwaja and regulation lawn.

Inside the evening, take the time to embody the beauty of sabarmati river. Have a amusement stroll, come lower back to the hotel and don’t forget the memories built to this point.

The remaining day of the adventure ultimately arrives. To make it unique a visit to technology town is planned which encompasses journey and knowledge.

After having your breakfast, head in the direction of science metropolis. Not just an enchantment for technology lovers, it quenches the demand of adventure followers too. Characterized through exhibitions and adventure rides, it’s need to go to the region. Then relax and revel in a movie in imax 3-d which might be your quality film enjoy. Once accomplished, continue for the airport.

The kutch tour package brings your adventure to an cease. It’s time to move returned domestic and flaunt a few fantastic clicks, articles, and reminiscences that were given you.


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  • Entry fees at all the sights
  • Departure flight to Delhi

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