Madurai trip

Madurai trip

Madurai trip

Madurai trip is a standout amongst the most prepared constantly possessed urban regions in India. Masterminded on the banks of Vaigai stream in Tamil Nadu, the city is known for its Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple. Beside being a pioneer town, a standard guest objective, a social hotspot and the current capital of the Pandyan organization Madurai is in like manner known for its sustenance, nourishment, building, shopping and beguiling people.

Madurai trip i is known by a couple of names: Koodal nagaram (City of Junctions), Malligai maanagar (City of Jasmine), Koil maanagar (Temple city), Thoonga nagaram(City that never rests) and Naanmada koodal (crossing point of four towers, that implies here to the four essential havens that Madurai was known for) among others. The city even finds say in the Tamil customary epic, Silappatikaram that twists around Kannagi who counters for her significant other’s destruction by devastating the Pandyan kingdom.

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Madurai’s recorded history retreats to the third century BC. It is said by Megasthenes, the Greek represetative to India and furthermore Kautilya. The Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple is the geographical construct and the help in light of which the step by step life of neighborhood individuals pivot. The primary asylum was stripped by the Muslim interloper Malik Kafur in 1310 and the present structure is acknowledged to have been worked in the region of 1623 and 1655 CE.

With bicycle critical TVS social event, IT and IT-enabled organizations majors like Satyam, material organizations and current units related with autos arranged here, Madurai is much an option that is other than a haven town. The city in like manner conveys its extremely famous jasmine sprouts known as Madurai Malligai.

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Madurai expected an imperative part in the Indian independence improvement; it was consequent to seeing agricultural laborers wearing the loin material in Madurai that Mahatma Gandhi changed to wearing one himself.

Festivities of Madurai are well known and draw in a lot of visitors. Meenakshi Tirukalyanam, the 10-day yearly festival celebrated in the midst of April-May, attracts completed a million visitors. The Jallikattu, the session of limiting perturbed bulls, resembles the Pampalona Bull Run held in Spain.

Madurai similarly fills in as the way to slant stations like Kodaikanal and Munnar and to the notable untamed life issue zone Periyar National Park.

Madurai trip


Madurai trip

Madurai has settlement for every single money related arrangement. Most of the spending hotels are found close to the railroad station, some are found close to the Meenakshi asylum. Being a little city, travel should not be a stress. Most of the mid-go and extravagant lodgings are arranged inside a 10 km traverse of the air terminal. Summers tend to swelter so it is reasonable to book cooled rooms.


Fulfilling its sobriquet, the city that never rests, motels, shops and markets in Madurai are open 24×7. The city offers some novel prepared refreshments like Jigarthanda and Paruthi Pal. Not at all like in a couple of trip towns, diners in Madurai in like manner serve non-veggie darling sustenance. Nevertheless, test non-vegetarian dishes at your own specific danger since they tend to be particularly lively.

Veggie lovers require not surrender. Burger joints serving genuine Iyengar style suppers and breakfast can in like manner be found viably in the city. A couple of restaurants also offer Rajasthani thalis. Chinese, Continental and Chettinad cooking can be valued despite the inescapable south Indian specialties.

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