Rishikesh Adventure Package

Rishikesh Adventure Package

Rishikesh Adventure Package


  • All pick up and dropping facilities at one point as per plan.
  • Driver’s T.A – D.A.
  • All state taxes.
  • All toll / parking Fee.


  • Any Airfare.
  • Any Meals.
  • Any personal expenses, like STD Call, laundry.
  • Any type of Insurance.
  • Any thing not mentioned in package inclusion column.
  • Extra transport charges in the event of landslides
  • Personal Insurance & emergency rescue charges

To savor the beguile of the Himalayas with some energy, nothing sounds superior to a captivating get-away with enterprise sports in Rishikesh. In the core of Himalayas, Rishikesh is a heaven for enterprise addicts on the mission to include each exciting accomplishment added to their repertoire. Attracting swarms of visitors to witness the great magnificence of the Himalayas with the loud waters of River Ganga, Rishikesh hits the spot from numerous points of view to be known as the enterprise capital of India. A portion of the enchanting exercises which the vacationers can appreciate in Rishikesh are waterway boating, precipice bouncing, rappelling, outdoors, kayaking, bungee hopping, flying fox, mountain biking, trekking and so forth.

Rishikesh Adventure Package

Vacationers can embrace an extent of exercises under the master direction and most extreme principles of expert wellbeing while experimenting with experience sports in Rishikesh. While waterway boating is a groundbreaking activity catching the eye of each visitor there is bungee bouncing to offer a spine-chilling background to overcome your dread. To get an enchanting knowledge in the field of nature cascade trekking and outdoors in Rishikesh will abandon you charmed with quietness.

With some strange experiences excessively like bouncing off a bluff or attempting hand biking through the precipitous territory, Rishikesh offers a splendid scene to appreciate the fervor of enterprise in the Himalayas. Included by excellent areas and tranquil sanctuaries, Rishikesh is without a doubt a shocking goal with its brilliant arrangement of experience games to influence it to your pail to list.

Rishikesh Adventure Package

In case you’re a daredevil, at that point a memory of experience sports in Rishikesh will dependably stay alive in your heart. When you are in Rishikesh, there is a wide exhibit of energizing exercises to look over that leaves the sightseers spoilt for decision. The collection of exercises makes it energizing for youthful ones to the elderly to have a critical involvement in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh Adventure Package

From explorers to families, Rishikesh is an agreeable caper to relinquish your feelings of trepidation and surrender yourself to the soul of experience in the quiet vibe of Himalayas. In the occasion that you’re hoping to make tracks in an opposite direction from the hurrying around of urban areas to absorb the glory of nature and add some brave recollections to your movement journals, Rishikesh is the place to be for your next get-away.

Here are a portion of the best experience sports in Rishikesh:

01 River Rafting

Stream Rafting

Rishikesh is the God for stream boating or wilderness boating in India. It won’t not be right to state this is the best enterprise sport that you will get the chance to attempt in this city of undertakings. Stream boating is a water sport where you need to battle through the water and feel the enjoyment in it.

In Rishikesh, you attempt this with the mother of all streams in India, River Ganga. Off late, this enterprise has turned out to be to a great degree well known making this game the best among the not insignificant rundown of other exciting Rishikesh experience sports.

This experience game can be gone for at different goals in Rishikesh and is an effectively reasonable one. There is no space for you to state no however dig into the best enterprise sport in Rishikesh.

Stream Rafting Adventure in Rishikesh

Rishikesh Adventure Package

02 Camping


Outdoors is certifiably not another involvement for huge numbers of us, however riverside outdoors and particularly at the foot of Himalayas is something worth recollecting! Rishikesh has various campgrounds for one to spend a night or so nearby the waterway and in the wilderness.

For solo voyagers, there are experience clubs that guarantee a gathering that will do the camp with them. These enterprise clubs some of the time additionally offer enterprise exercises as a piece of outdoors that will improve the meeting background for you.

With various experience sports in Rishikesh, this is one depend on unwind and appreciate the serenity of this place.

Outdoors and Rafting in Rishikesh

03 Bungee hopping

Bungee hopping

Rishikesh, known for being the best home for enterprise sports in India could not leave bungee bouncing. Bouncing off from a specific tallness with only a rope fixing to keep you holding tight will give you the adrenaline surge in only a snap.

One of the most established bungee bouncing spots, Mohan Chatti is situated in Rishikesh. The hop here is from a settled stage and around 83 meters over the ground level. It is a standout amongst the most extraordinary enterprise sports in Rishikesh which is justified regardless of an affair.

Rishikesh Adventure Package

One can likewise attempt turn around bungee seizing a similar spot in Rishikesh. The bounce can be gone for by individuals inside the age gathering of 18-60 that don’t have a fear for statures or some other genuine medical problems.

It is very extraordinary that all the enterprise addicts that experiment with bungee seizing Mohan Chatti are offered a testament for fruitful consummation of the experience sport.

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