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Ever wondered how concrete jungles might look like? I mean real jungles built on concrete!The Singaporeans have created a whole new concept with planted walls, artificial waterfalls – somethings absolutely surreal!You can learn about rare plants, take some great pictures, enjoy a magnificent view from to the Marina Bay Sands and justwalk around this mysterious world built by man. It also features a 35-meter hill (on the picture above) covered in lush vegetation, it is also the world’s tallest indoor waterfall!


Haw Par villa is your place! It is one of those places that you will not see on a typical tourist picture in Singapore.It is one of the world’s weirdest theme parks depicting scenes from Chinese folklore with over 1 000 statues. Some of them are: an old woman being breastfed, demons pitchforking loan sharks in hell – you got the idea…


You have probably heard that Singapore is not the cheapest city in the world. While it is definitely true, the food can be surprisingly cheap!It is still a riddle for me how a dish can cost 2-3 $ when a kilo of tomatoes in the supermarket costs the same much?I also recommend just walking around China town district and trying out everything that looks interesting, the variety of choices is endless, the local cuisine is mouthwatering!If you wish to rely on a specialist and have somebody walking you through Chinatown, get this 3,5 hours Food Adventure. You will never forget the feast on typical goodies such as rice cakes, poh piah, chicken rice, and more!But what you would also like to check out restaurant scene in Singapore?Let me tell you how to save a great deal on fine dining in Singapore

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