Singapore Island

Singapore Island Cruise is the unrivaled organization in Singapore that gives day by day ship transport administrations to Kusu Island and additionally St John’s Island.

to do in singapore
to do in singapore

singapore island Private sanctions are likewise accessible to other Southern Islands around Singapore.

Moreover SIC likewise gives vessels to contract to other Southern Islands, for example, Sisters’ Island, Lazarus Island and Pulau Hantu and so on. With the end goal for us to oblige singular needs of every single one of you, our dear companions and clients. We can be sufficiently adaptable to change our administrations to suit your necessities, For instance, a journey around the Southern Islands and a stop over at Kusu Island took after by a feast voyage in transit back to the Singapore. On the off chance that you experience issues getting toward the southern islands of Singapore or you need to make a restrictive and vital occasion, WE ARE THE ANSWER!

Need a break from the city life in Singapore? We feel you. Living in a fast-paced environment such as Singapore would mean that many of us crave a getaway for a good rest.

Even so, not many of us have the luxury of taking time off for travel as and when we desire due to different commitments.

singapore island If you are looking for a fuss-free day trip without the hassle of having to change your currency and bringing your passport, here are 8 Islands You Can Explore Without Travelling Out Of Singapore.

Coney island Mangrove Boardwalk


Pulau Serangoon, or better known as Coney Island Park, is slightly off Punggol and you can get to the West entrance of the island by walking along the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk.

It is currently a favourite spot among cyclists! If this is your first time going to Coney Island Park, do take note that the park closes at 7pm as no lighting is provided in this eco-friendly island.

Keppel Island


Admire the lineup of super yachts in the day and sip on wine at Privé Cafe by night at Keppel Bay which is located on Keppel Island. The breathtaking view makes it a romantic destination for couples on a date.

Walk across Keppel Bay Bridge, which links Keppel Island to the mainland.


The story behind Kusu Island will have you intrigued about the place before you even head there. Devotees of Tua Pek Kong believe that the deity transformed a tortoise into Kusu Island, which translates to “tortoise island”.

Visit the tortoise sanctuary, play beach volleyball on the beach shores or dip into the lagoons of Kusu Island. You can take a ferry from Marina South Pier.

Lazarus Island


Looking for a white sand beach with glistening waters sans the crowd? You will get all that at Lazarus Island! Sounds too good to be true? Visit the island in the morning for a picnic and you can see its beauty for yourself.

By the way, you can walk to Lazarus Island from Saint John’s Island so that’s two islands off your checklist!

Pulau Semakau


Don’t be taken aback when we tell you that this is a landfill site because that only takes up the eastern side of the island. Recent developments of Pulau Semakau has made it a tourist friendly area for those who love nature.

Look forward to thriving mangrove habitats and a coral population. Those who are interested can even learn more at the coral nursery. Book a tour with NEA beforehand!

Pulau Ubin

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