Southern Italy Tour Package

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Southern Italy Tour Package

Southern Italy Tour Package


  • Breakfast included daily.
  • 7 dinners in Italy are also included.
  • In Sicily discover Ancient Greek culture with a guided tour of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento.
  • In Sicily enjoy a leisurely day enjoying the Sicilian resort town Taormina.
  • In Basilicata visit the “Sassi of Matera” and experience how people lived in their cave dwellings.
  • In Basilicata visit a local winery and agriturismo for a tasting and regional dinner.
  • In Campania tour Pompeii, where 2000 years ago Mt Vesuvius captured ancient Roman life in time.
  • In Puglia visit Alberobello, where the trulli structures are one of the most unique sights in Southern Italy.
Day 1: Depart USA for your Sicily to Rome Southern Italy visits.

Southern Italy Tour Package set out for an astounding day as you travel through the rich green scene of Italy’s Arno Valley on your approach to Pisa. Find the history and culture of this eminent city. Take off ahead of schedule and into the beautiful surroundings of the Arno Valley. The area highlights rich regions of land flanked by moving slopes. On your visit, hear analysis about the history, craftsmanship, and scene of the region.

Day 2: Arrive in Palermo, Sicily (Southern Italy Tour Package)

Touch base in Palermo, the capital of Sicily, to start your Southern Italy get-away. After entry you may have some an opportunity to rest or walk around Palermo. At that point spruce up for this nighttimes welcome supper. You’ll visit a neighborhood eatery in Palermo. There you’ll appreciate a bona fide Sicilian supper with neighborhood Sicilian wines.

Day 3: Guided voyages through Palermo and Monreale  (Southern Italy Tour Package)

A comprehensive voyage through Palermo’s touring features starts the day. The visit incorporates a guided strolling visit through Palermo’s piazzas including the Piazza Pretoria, Piazza Bellini, and Quattro Canti. Palermo is situated at the intersection of the Arab and European human advancements. This is obvious in the city’s engineering. The blend of Moorish, Norman and Spanish Baroque styles makes Palermo one of a kind among all urban communities. You’ll additionally visit the adjacent town of Monreale. There you’ll visit the popular the Cathedral of Monreale. It is considered by numerous to be the best case on the planet today of Norman engineering. The twelfth century house of prayer’s inside of diverse marbles, works of art, a mosaics. This evening appreciate some relaxation time walking Palermo’s roads or going to other adjacent Sicily touring features.

Day 4: Travel to Agrigento to visit the Valley of the Temples  (Southern Italy Tour Package)

Begin your day crossing Sicily to the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento. This is the prehistoric studies stop where you will locate the world’s best safeguarded old Greek Temples. You will be roused by the staggering magnificence and tranquility of the locales. You’ll encounter direct why Homer, and a not insignificant rundown of consequent specialists, flew out to Sicily to work their artworks. Take in about the old Greek Gods and their Roman partners in the Temples of Concordia, Hercules, Juno, and Jupiter. Find out about the Magna Grecia and antiquated Greek societies when you visit the Archeological Museum. Here you will stroll among the world’s best accumulation of Greek vases and statues. Proceed to Giardini Naxos, the “garden of Sicily,” for your three-night remain.

Day 5: Sicily visits incorporate Taormina from Giardini Naxos

Today you will find why heads, nobles, privileged people, and sovereignty come to Taormina. This beguiling town is worked in the slopes above Giardini Naxos. The antiquated Greeks fabricated the popular amphitheater here. From that point forward for a long time this Sicilian resort town has facilitated those coming to unwind, restore, and be roused. This evening is absolutely at recreation so you too may appreciate a coffee or gelato while walking, shopping and people viewing in Taormina.


Day 6: Giardini Naxos to Catania and Mt Etna  (Southern Italy Tour Package)

Toward the beginning of today you’ll go down Sicily’s drift getting a charge out of incredible perspectives and passing curious towns en route to Mt Etna and Catania. In Catania, you have the decision between two exercises. To start with you may join a privately guided voyage through Catania to see the principle locales of this notable Baroque city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Likewise, you will invest energy at the neighborhood advertise. Your other alternative is a guided voyage through the Museo dello Sbarco ( Allied Landing Museum) to investigate the historical backdrop of the Allied arriving on the southern bank of Sicily in 1943, including the reinforced hideout that breathes life into the experience of the war. After Catania you’ll keep on mt. Etna Volcano National Park. This dynamic spring of gushing lava presents scenes etched by the magma streams. This evening come back to Giardini Naxos.

Day 7: From Sicily visit the Southern Italian “Boot of Italy.”  (Southern Italy Tour Package)

Toward the beginning of today you’ll leave Taormina to start the Southern Italy visits. We’ll cross the strait of Messina amongst Sicily and Calabria by ship. You’ll at that point travel by extravagance engine mentor through Calabria and Basilicata. This natural normal magnificence of Southern Italy will be on full show. This evening you will touch base in Scanzano Jonico along Basilicata’s drift. Spruce up before a late evening agriturismo tasting and supper. You’ll visit a nearby vineyard to taste the Southern Italian wines. You’ll additionally visit the agriturismo’s wine basements. Before supper stroll among the vineyards. At that point a neighborhood real Southern Italian supper will be served.

Day 8: Basilicata visit Sassi di Matera and Alberobello in Southern Italy’s Puglia locale

Today, investigate the “Sassi di Matera,” an old town known for its give in abodes, both present day and old. A nearby guide will enable you to take ever of site and why it has as of late gotten the attention of numerous film makers. A while later, stop at a neighborhood search for an opportunity to test some provincial create. Appreciate some extra time in Matera to peruse the shops or taste the neighborhood food before making a beeline for the supernatural town of Alberobello. See the absolute most surprisingly assembled homes, known as “trulli,” that have cone-molded rooftops. Shockingly, no mortar is utilized to hold the stones together. Come back to your inn for supper.

Day 9: Basilicata to the Amalfi Coast appreciate southern Italy visits featuring society, history, and excellence.

Today you will fly out from Basilicata to the Amalfi Coast, where you will appreciate 2 evenings on the Sorrentine Peninsula. As you travel through Southern Italy the present visits incorporate a visit to Salerno. Later this evening you will touch base in Stabiae on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Campania is world well known for its culinary conventions. This evening you’ll taste why at an included bona fide Campanian supper.

Day 10: Tour Sorrento and journey around the Amalfi Coast

Today the Southern Italy visit being s in Sorrento. This town is roosted over the Bay of Naples. Here appreciate perspectives of Naples, Capri, and Mt Vesuvius. Nearby look at the neighborhood craftsmans. Trimmed wood making is a neighborhood craftsmanship. You may watch the craftsmans rehearse their art. This evening you have room schedule-wise to investigate this beautiful town all alone. At that point come back to Stabiae. In the slopes around Stabiae is the place the old Roman tycoons assembled their estates sitting above the Bay of Naples. Here Roman Senators and magnates made arrangements amid the day and spent their evenings observing Bacchus. While Pompeii was the urban focus, Stabiae was antiquated Rome’s Malibu.

Day 11: Guided voyage through Pompeii and travel from Southern Italy to Rome

At the beginning of today you will go back in time on your voyage through Pompeii. Situated in the lower regions of Mt Vesuvius, the town was caught in time 2000 years prior. Here you will encounter a run of the mill antiquated Roman town 2,000 years back. A neighborhood Pompeii visit guide will take you through this old Roman archeological sight. After Pompeii you will make a trip from Southern Italy to Rome. Your extravagance engine mentor will land in Rome so as to make the most of your last Southern Italy visits evening in Rome. You’ll visit a nearby Roman eatery to appreciate neighborhood Roman claims to fame and neighborhood wines in a night brimming with cheer. This included true Roman supper festivity will check the finish of the Sicily to Rome excursion.

Day 12: Sicily to Rome Southern Italy Tours Ends in Rome

Today the Southern Italy visits closes abandoning you with awesome recollections of a magnificent Southern Italy get-away. You may likewise wish to broaden your Southern Italy get-away by proceeding in Rome. Or on the other hand look at the Northern Italy and Tuscany get-away bundles.

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