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Vacation In Spain

Barcelona Tour Package

Vacation In Spain

Vacation In Spain


  • Return economy class air ticket on Pegasus Airlines, Ex Dubai with baggage
  • Meet and Assist at Madrid-Barajas Airport
  • 2 Nights accommodation in Espahotel Gran Via 65 at Madrid, 1 Nights accommodation in H10 Corregidor Boutique Hotel at Seville, 1 Nights accommodation in Dauro Hotel at Granada, 1 Nights accommodation in Hotel Malcom and Barret at Valencia and 2 Nights accommodation in Arc la Rambla at Barcelona
  • Madrid sightseeing tour and Bernabeu Stadium visit
  • Barcelona City Tour – hop on-hop off 1 Day Pass
  • Meals mentioned as per hotel Inclusions.
  • Round-trip transfers from Hotel to Airport
  • On-tour support to the passengers in Madrid and Barcelona (From 9:00 AM UAE Time to 9:00 PM UAE Time)
  • Standard Check in Time is 2 PM Local Time(This might vary for some destinations.)


  • Visa fees and overseas travel insurance.
  • Any meals not mentioned above
  • Entrance fees at tour sites and other optional tours
  • Surcharges for other language guides.
  • City tax/ resort fees if any, needs to be paid locally at the hotel by the guest at the time of check-in
  • Personal expenditure such as drinks, souvenirs, laundry, camera fees, communications, postage, gratuities etc.
  • Tips for guides, drivers, hotel staff etc.
  • Early Check-in not included.

Vacation In Spain

Vacation In Spain Day 1: Barcelona – Arrive in Barcelona with Westeros Ambiance in the Barri Gòtic

Vacation In Spain The capital of Catalonia grasps a bright way of life, charming design, and a dazzling feeling reminiscent of an otherworldly Old World. Contemporary culture overflows along the lane of La Rambla, where local people and guests walk around the streaming waters of the elaborate wellspring Font de Canaletes. Your private exchange welcomes you upon your landing in Barcelona-El Prat Airport and escorts you to a ravishing four-star lodging situated close to the medieval heart of the city. The Gothic Quarter has saved its medieval charms with its concealed rear ways and cobbled paths.

You step onto the roads underneath the brilliant sparkle of the encompassing old fashioned engineering. Your guide drives you on an eminent visit, removing you from Barcelona and inundating you in the clamoring lives of Westeros, most remarkably, King’s Landing, the capital and biggest city of the Seven Kingdoms. You can envision the Mediterranean Sea brushing against the shores of Barcelona as the motivation for Blackwater Bay. The historical backdrop of the Gothic Quarter goes back over 2,000 years.

Bistros set out tables and seats along the walkways, filling the lanes with the fragrance of dark espresso and xuixo, a Catalan baked good wearing cinnamon-sugar and loaded down with custard. The lanes turn into a maze, narrowing underneath stone openings and windows dressed with brilliant flowerboxes. The paths open to the glorious Cathedral, which was raised between the thirteenth and fifteenth hundreds of years. The shocking gothic engineering comes full circle in a fantastic recessed entrance passage focused underneath the taking off 174-foot tall tower.

What’s Included: airplane terminal exchange, settlement, private visit

Vacation In Spain

Barcelona Tour Package

Day 2: Girona – Explore Girona for an Immersive Exploration of GOT’s Braavos

The daylight comes back to Barcelona, washing over the purplish blue waters of the Mediterranean and sparkling over the Temple of Augustus. The aroma of nectar and cheddar floats out of the enthusiastic bistros from a Catalan sweet known as mel I mató. Your guide welcomes you at the lodging, anxious to acquaint you with the intriguing history of Girona and its obvious association with Game of Thrones. Medieval dividers keep on protecting the restricted winding boulevards. The fragrance of dark espresso floats out of the bistros and over the tranquil waters of the Onyar River. Beautiful homes shine along the recorded banks that prompt the first dividers built up by the Romans over 2,000 years back.

Your guide drives you to the Medieval Quarter, where you find the city of the wealthiest and most ground-breaking of the Free Cities, Braavos. Romanesque and gothic design enliven the previous Jewish Quarter. You review Arya hawking in the lanes close by the commercial center while visually impaired, subsequent to having lost her sight to the House of Black and White, while serving The Many-Faced God. After achieving the house of God, you locate the recognizable sight of the great stairs prompting the entryway underneath a surging extravagant façade. The house of prayer was utilized as the Great Sept of Baelor, the religious focal point of the Seven Kingdoms, which Cersei Lannister pulverizes in a blast of rapidly spreading fire toward the finish of Season Six.

The house of prayer establishments were laid in the fifth century, with the Gothic highlights surpassing the previous Romanesque church. The group contains twofold segments. The nave conveys the black out spiced fragrances of frankincense and myrrh. The daylight pours through the great rose window, spreading over the silver altarpiece studded with flickering gemstones. The avenues of Girona are as much as a feature of Spain as a piece of Westeros. You proceed to the Castle of Saint Florentina, known as Horn Hill in Westeros, and home of House Tarly. The eleventh century stronghold strikes a forcing picture of brilliant stone and gabled earth tile housetops transcending the encompassing emerald trees.

What’s Included: convenience, private exchange, private visit, breakfast

Vacation In Spain

Day 3: San Sebastian – Enjoy a Scenic Transfer and Private Tour of San Sebastian

The morning swells with life around La Rambla, as the market of La Boqueria opens its entryways. Organic product merchants fill their slows down with brilliant oranges, delightful peaches, and succulent melons. The fishmongers show newly got fish, from ocean urchins to octopus. The shocking showcase of a functioning commercial center is reminiscent of the rich avenues of Braavos and the clamoring slows down of King’s Landing. The taking off towers of Antoni Gaudí’s incomplete perfect work of art, La Sagrada Familia Basilica, transcend the city at in excess of 550 feet tall.

You board the prepare at Barcelona Sants Railway Station for your beautiful trip to San Sebastian. The scene changes amid the ride, undulating with rich slopes and rough mountains, surging waterways and sporadic medieval houses of worship. You feel as if you are going through Westeros, following in the ways of Brienne of Tarth or The Hound. You achieve San Sebastian and are welcomed by your private exchange, who escorts you to your extravagant inn offering an unwinding perspective to the turquoise tones of the Bay of Biscay. Old Town spreads over the marshes of Monte Urgull along the eastern headland.

The aroma of crisp eel sautéed in garlic joined by mushrooms cooked with cheddar exudes from the pintxos bars, eateries known for serving little, tasty dishes and bites. The nineteenth century Belle Époque buildings outline dazzling boutique shops from Playa de la Concha to Rio Urumea. Your guide drives you through the blend of Spanish energy and French advancement, where European nobility has traveled for a considerable length of time. You dare to the summit of Monte Igueldo for stunning perspectives. For a minute, you look for the monstrous statue of the Titan of Braavos before recalling that you are in San Sebastian.

What’s Included: settlement, exchange, private visit, breakfast

Vacation In Spain

Day 4: San Sebastian – Indulge in the Customs of San Sebastian with a Pintxos Tour

Surfers dare to Playa de Gros early in the day light to ride the breaking swells close to the brilliant shoreline. The briny fragrance of saltwater floats over the cobbled boulevards and tenderly mixes with the smell of new prepared Pantxineta, a sweet bun made of baked good, almonds, and cream. It was made to satisfy the sense of taste of the Spanish eminence, blue-bloods, and bourgeoisie that spent their summers in the city.

The roads of Old Town come back to their clamoring best in the midst of the warm Cantabrian Sea air. Finish your guide the labyrinth of limited boulevards twisting through the antique city where the fragrances floating from the pintxos bars offer a tempting cluster of conventional Basque cooking. Your energizing trip into the culinary universe of San Sebastian drives you initially to Bar Zeruko, a gastronomical organization.

Your server conveys cod to your table while it smokes over hot coals. You taste an invigorating cool juice produced using nearby apples. The smell of garlic, spread, lemon, and prawns fills the bar, adding layers of delicious scent to your first stop on a tempting nourishment visit. At Ganbara, a determination of delightful pintxos designs the bar, highlighting a variety of squid wearing its ink and poached egg yolks topping broiled guindilla peppers.

What’s Included: convenience, private visit, breakfast

Vacation In Spain

Day 5: Bilbao – Visit Zumaia, Itzurun Beach, and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

The morning waves brush against the brilliant sands along Playa de la Concha, a standout amongst the most well known urban shorelines in Spain. The fragrances of chocolate brioche and sizzling wieners radiate from La Madame bistro on San Bartolome Kalea. Your private move welcomes you in the inn entryway and escorts you far from the quiet city ignoring the Bay of Biscay. You make a stride once more into Westeros when ceasing at Zumaia, seeing a feeling of Khaleesi making her first strides along Itzurun Beach. Bright angling vessels come back to the harbor after a morning on the ocean. They take their fish to the market, anxious to offer the new squid, eels, and tuna.

The Itzurun coastline gives substance to the sensational shores of Westeros as the waves break onto the flysch bluffs. Surfers coast along the waves the manner in which the Mother of Dragons takes off through the sky. The shoreline speaks to where the ruler and her armada check their landing and triumphant comes back to Westeros. The residue ascends out of the sand and along the coastline like modest edges, prompting the finished dividers of the bluffs molded by the surf, wind, and rain. You proceed with the drift to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, a ninth century withdrawal raised on a little outcropping isthmus.

A stone extension reminiscent of an overlooked structure worked for Game of Thrones goes back to the ninth century and prompts a thin staircase comprising of 230 stages. The indigo and turquoise waters sprinkle against the stones underneath, throwing fog onto your cheeks. The dull stone and orange-tiled top of the congregation emerges against the watery skyline. A ringer embellishes the highest point of the bluff. According to convention, when you climb the summit, ring the chime three times and make a desire.

What’s Included: settlement, private exchange, private visit, breakfast

Vacation In Spain

Day 6: Seville – Experience the Lively Traditions of Dorne by Discovering Seville

The comfortable lanes of Bilbao’s barometrical Old Town highlight the first seven paths raised in the fourteenth century. The gothic house of prayer holds a renaissance patio, and the nineteenth century Plaza Nueva fills the air with tasty pintxos prepared to tempt bystanders. Your private exchange escorts you to Bilbao Airport for your short trip to Seville. The captivating city includes conspicuously in Game of Thrones as the city of Dorne, delegated in Season Six by the surprising Alcazar, the capital of Dorne and a commended historic point of Seville.

Restricted paths with whitewashed homes beautify the previous Jewish Quarter. Flowerboxes develop geraniums, and bistros offer open air seating, shaded underneath vast umbrellas. Th

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