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Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

Pre-trip assistance of the JayWay Destination Manager.
On-trip assistance from local JayWay Representatives.
A pre-paid local cell phone for all destinations.
Excursion booking advice and assistance.
Access to your personalized Guest Page, containing detailed destination information and tips on the best that these cities can offer.

Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

-  Flights to and from Europe.
-  Tips for Tour Guides, Drivers and Local Reps.
Meals (other than breakfast if included in room rate and meals listed as included in food tours and excursions, unless explicitly stated otherwise).
Parking fees for your Rental Car (if you are booking one with us) unless otherwise indicated. Some hotels provide free parking facilities.

Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

Day 1

A driver will be at the airplane terminal to welcome you and exchange you to your focal Prague settlement.

Our delegate will then meet with you to answer any inquiries you have and to get you made due with whatever is left of your outing.

Included : Prague Airport Transfer

Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

Day 2

Become more acquainted with Prague on a City Walking Tour

Prague’s primary memorable sights are arranged on the supposed Royal Route between the Old Town and Prague Castle, crossing the waterway on the Charles Bridge. To benefit as much as possible from your visit, we will book a private strolling visit to place you in contact with all the history and sentimentalism of this great city. As the visit closes in the patio of Prague Castle, you should need to proceed with the day by tailing one of the visit courses in the palace.

Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

Day 3

Discretionary: Explore Bohemia on a Day Trip from Prague

Enjoy a reprieve from the city and get out into the Bohemian wide open. Travel east or west on your pick of two altogether different day trips. Two hours toward the north, near the German outskirt is the fancy spa town of Karlovy Vary, or Carlsbad to its neighbors. With exquisite corridors, extravagance and restorative spas, a neighborhood natural alcohol refinery and a gem industrial facility, there’s bounty to fill your day here! On the off chance that you’d lean toward a shorter voyage and a more customary Bohemian town at that point we’d suggest UNESCO-recorded Kutna Hora. It’s best-known for its “bone church,” the Sedlec Ossuary, however is really recorded for its excellent memorable Old Town, St. Barbara’s house of God and the Italian court, once the regal mint, because of the now-depleted silver mines in the region.

Vienna Budapest Prague Tour

Day 4

You are trading one melodic city for another today as you leave Prague and take off to Salzburg, Austria, We’ll orchestrate a private driver to lift you up and convey you specifically to your settlement in Salzburg. You’ll be making multi day of the voyage and ceasing halfway in the tall tale UNESCO recorded town of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. Here you can find the delightful cobblestone avenues and heavenly mansion before proceeding to Salzburg.

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